Mobile Phone & Data Repeater Packages

Telstra or Optus 3G or 4G 4GX Mobile Phone Repeater Packages

The fully approved Telstra or Optus 100Db Gain inline Mobile Phone Repeater with the addition of the G Spotter Twin Peak Pro Plus can ensure a strong boosted Telstra or Optus mobile phone signal all around your house inside & out even in the most remote locations ...while at the same time full Telstra 4GX or Optus 4g Plus super Fast wireless broadband signal to your broadband modem or 4Gx Smartphone. Lightning fast data speeds now available from remote areas.

Fully Legal & Approved mobile phone repeater solutions for all 3G or 4G 4GX smart phones & 4G 4GX Modems

>>>> Contact Dave for further info and pricing on our various repeater packages He can discuss your individual options and provide a custom solution for your location and circumstances <<<<