Twin Peak Pro Plus

Twin Peak Pro Plus

Highest Passive Gain YAGI Array
This is the ultimate antenna if you "Just Have To Get Connected" MiMo Optus - Telstra - Vodafone - 5G 4G plus 4GX 700Mhz 5G 4G/3G - 850/900 Mhz

The antenna comes with 10 Metres of LMR 400 10mm Commercial Low Loss cable, all mounting brackets and connectors. Get city internet speeds even up to 60Ks from a transmission tower.

The 42 Element "Twin Peak Pro Plus" is shipped in kit form and assembles very easily (8 bolts & a few cable ties) so when you receive your antenna it only requires mounting to a sturdy pole and pointing towards the tower & connecting to your Modem. (Pole not Included)

Check out this video ... The Unboxing of the New Twin Peak Pro Plus

($698 + $33 Delivery)

To place your order please use the Contact Form or ring Dave on 02 8205 3112 - 10.30am till 5pm Monday to Friday - AEST. He can then grab your details and email you through a Quotation / Invoice for your specific requirements We except all Major Credit Cards for payment. The Postage and Credit Card Surcharges will be added to the item price.